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Overview: The Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA) is responsible for administering the Medicare program, provided for in title XVIII of the Social State Medicaid programs do follow HCFA policy regarding discontinuation of coverage for certain drugs—generally old ones—found by the FDA to be less than
State Medicaid Manual. Department of Health and. Human Services (DHHS) Part 2 - State Organization and. General Administration. HEALTH CARE FINANCING. ADMINISTRATION (HCFA) Transmittal 92. Date: JANUARY 2000. HEADER SECTION NUMBERS. PAGES TO INSERT. PAGES TO DELETE.
2 May 1997 Health Care Financing Administration payment affects Medicaid eligibility only in those States where Medicaid eligibility depends on receipt of cash assistance. We are developing a State Medicaid Manual instruction to revise the existing instruction at section 3502.4 to permit States to provide.
State Medicaid Manual. Department of Health and. Human Services (DHHS). Part 3 - Eligibility. HEALTH CARE FINANCING. ADMINISTRATION (HCFA). Transmittal 75. Date: JANUARY 11, 2001. HEADER SECTION NUMBERS. REVISED PAGES. REPLACED PAGES. 3810 - 3810 (Cont.) 3-9-3 - 3-9-9 (7 pp.) 3-9-3 - 3-9-7
Description: Pursuant to the Louisiana Legislature's passage of R.S. 46:2721 in the 2001 Legislative Session creating the Medicaid School-Based Administrative Claiming Trust Fund, the Department of Health (LDH), Bureau of Health Service Financing (BHSF) initiated the creation of the Medicaid Administrative Claiming
9 Jan 2001 long-term care facilities participating in the Medicare and Medicaid programs in their States of the .. refer to Correction Policy for MDS Records in the State Operations Manual, Appendix R, Part IV. .. information also is used by the Federal Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA) to ensure that the.
19 Sep 2014 Information on availability of Medicare/Medicaid manuals. by United States. Health Care Financing Administration. Publication date 1990. Topics Medicare, Medicaid. Publisher [Baltimore, MD] : U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Health Care Financing Administration. Collection cms-pubs
o A person, including a court or administrative body, with legal authority to act in place of or on behalf of the individual or the individual's spouse; and . Also, while relatives and family members legitimately can be paid for care they provide to the individual, HCFA presumes that services provided for free at the time were
Chapter 1 -- General [ZIP, 7KB] · Chapter 2 -- State Organization [ZIP, 486KB] · Chapter 3 -- Eligibility [ZIP, 465KB] · Chapter 4 -- Services [ZIP, 284KB] · Chapter 5 -- Early and Periodic Screening [ZIP, 47KB] · Chapter 6 -- Payments for Services [ZIP, 101KB] · Chapter 7 -- Quality Control [ZIP, 308KB] · Chapter 8 -- Program
23 Mar 1998 Health Care Financing Administration. Center for Medicaid and State Budget Act of 1997 (BBA). The purpose of this letter is to provide further guidance to States concerning the guaranteed eligibility provision. We will revise section 2090.13 of the State Medicaid Manual to reflect this new and expanded