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minolta mc rokkor-pf 50mm 1.7 review : Minolta Rokkor-X 50mm 1:1.4 manual focus lens : Camera Lenses : Camera & Photo. Focal length: 50mm; f 1.4; May be adapted/modified to use on other system: Sony/Minolta A-mount; Canon, Nikon, m4/3, Pentax, M42, 10 used from $72.20 .. I'm using this on the NEX 7 and a FOTGA adapter. Pros: fast
25 Nov 2014
Results 1 - 28 of 28 Minolta 50mm f/1.7 Prime Lens MD Mount - Tested - Working - Excellent. Minolta 50mm f/1.7 Prime Lens MD Mount. Manual focus lens for Minolta MD mount 35mm SLR cameras. Lens body excellent with only minor signs of use. Mount excellent. Tested on a Minolta body, meters correctly. ?39.99.
A standard focal length lens, suited for most general photographic purposes. They are ideal for available-light photography indoors and for other low illumination situations. This lens is styled with waffle-pattern rubber focusing grips for improved.
Minolta 1.7 compared to Sony 1.8 auto focus?? stillshot2 · 14 · mimeman · 9 months ago · UV Filter, DaniLise, 5 · transiently permanent · 9 months ago · Two questions Doug Brady · 8 · transiently permanent · 9 months ago · What a great lens! ophelia_1960 · 9 · transiently permanent · 9 months ago · a99 + mino 50mm 1.7
Results 1 - 27 of 27 Minolta 50mm F1.4 Japan MD Mount Manual Focus Fast Prime Lens *mint condition*. Minolta MD Minolta MD 50mm f1.4 Fast Manual Focus Lens + Caps Excellent Condition. The lens has a MINOLTA MC ROKKOR - RF 1:1.7 f = 50mm lens - is at good condition in perfect performance. ?9.99. 1 bid. : Minolta 50mm f1.7 AF Lens : Camera Lenses : Camera & Photo. 49mm filters; Minimum focus 8”; Built in lens hood; 7 aperture blades . Neewer 35mm F/1.7 Large Aperture Manual Prime Fixed Lens APS-C for Sony E-Mount Digital Mirrorless Cameras NEX 3 NEX 3N NEX 5 NEX 5T NEX 5R NEX 6 7
I found an inexpensive ($26) Minolta MD 50mm f1.7 and decided that was the lens I'd try. When I first started shooting with SLR's I was very fond of manual focus/aperture and - although I've become used to how most DSLR's implement focus/aperture I always missed the feel and responsiveness of
27 Jan 2017 In the the center many cheap 50mm lenses are very sharp from f/2 so the real world difference between the FE55 and my cheap manual lens won't be that noticeable. What is very noticeable is the much better flare resistance of the modern lens. Here is a comparison of the Minolta MC 1.7/55 and the FE55.
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